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The 4 Best Buc-ee's Things That Happened This Year

It's been a big year for every Texan's favorite gas station. Not only did they fall from grace (and re-earn the top spot!) on a gas station bathroom poll, they also announced the location of their first-ever storefront outside of Texas. While we snacked on Buc-ee's Beaver Nuggets all year and dreamed about the candy wall, here are the four best Buc-ee's things that happened in 2017.

Of course it wouldn't be a Buc-ee's list without one mention of just how delicious the beef jerky is. Seriously.

4. When Floridians learned they'd be getting a Buc-ee's

We collected responses from Floridians when they learned Buc-ee's would soon be coming to their state, and with two huge locations planned, the excitement was real.

3. When we figured out the one thing Buc-ee's was missing

Haven't you ever yearned for a cup of fresh-roasted coffee or a shot of espresso when you pull into a Buc-ee's? We cracked the case of Buc-ee's Beanery and you have to check it out.

2. When Buc-ee's lost the top spot for restrooms in Texas

Most of you had never heard of QuikTrip and were rightly outraged. However, it must have inspired Texans to vote for their beloved beaver because only a few months later did Buc-ee's earn the top spot once again.

1. The location of Buc-ee's first store outside of Texas

Of course now you know it's in Florida, but when news broke in April that Buc-ee's was expanding outside of Texas state lines, it was big! This was one of our most-read stories of the year, and we even included a sneak peek inside Buc-ee's to show Floridians what they'd be getting.

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