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Why Does Only One Buc-ee's Have This Necessary Feature?

When it comes to things that Buc-ee's lacks, very few things spring to mind. With their notoriously clean bathrooms, their massive candy selection, and their football field-sized parking lots, the Texas chain is one of the best in the world when it comes to positive customer service. Their beef jerky and Beaver Nuggets are what Texans far from home dream of on interstates outside the Lone Star State, but there's only one thing missing from all of the stores. Quality, delicious coffee.

While gourmet coffee shops and mega-chains alike have boomed into the coffee game in the last two decades, Buc-ee's mostly kicks it old school with bottled caffeinated beverages in their huge refrigerators. However, one does have to wonder why newer stores built in the last eight years or so lack a coffee bar when so many weary travelers rely on caffeine as a necessary pick-me-up to make it through their drives, especially at night. That's where the Buc-ee's Beanery comes in.

The only Buc-ee's location that has the Buc-ee's Beanery is Store #29 in Lake Jackson, Texas off Highway 332. The store offers a simpler menu of made-to-order drinks, from hot drinks to brewed coffee to iced and frozen varieties of menu items like lattes, mochas, and macchiatos. And as it turns out, it's delicious.

Jane B. of Houston, Texas commented on Yelp,

"Always polite, always clean, always plenty of light. And they make great coffees, lattes & bakery goods-good selection for last minute wine purchases & snacks such as humus, banana pudding & home baked cookies. I think this is the largest one in the Clute-LJ area."

As Patricia S. of Houston said in a longer review on Yelp,

"...They have an assortment of beers to choose from, a deli where you can order sandwiches to your liking (they even have vegetarian options), all the junk food your heart desires, and even a coffee shop with Starbucksesque drinks. (Yes, they even have soy milk!)"

I don't know about y'all, but I could use a trip to the Buc-ee's Beanery every time I go inside the mega gas station when I stop on road trips.

I'm not a fan of the sugar and concentrated caffeine that energy drinks pack, so I tend to stick to black coffee and espresso shots for a pick-me-up that has less of a crash.

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