The 30 Best Drive-In Movie Theaters in America

The United States is full of amazing drive-in movie theaters that let you check out your favorite films on some seriously big screens in an outdoor setting. Those of you that haven't gotten to experience a drive-in are seriously missing out. Imagine going to the theater with your family, grabbing a hot dog from the snack bar and instead of having to fight over seats with strangers, you just need a parking spot. Amazing!

Check out our list of the thirty best drive-in theaters around the country and book a double feature ASAP.

1. Wellfleet Drive-In Theater in Wellfleet, Massachusetts

The only drive-in theater in the Cape Cod area, Wellfleet has been open since the late 1950s.

2. Northfield Drive-In in Hinsdale, New Hampshire

This theater is one of the few left in New England, operating seasonally since 1948. Fun fact, some scenes from the film 'The Cider House Rules' were filmed here. There's a snack bar where the family who owns the theater can be found helping out during the summer months.

3. Rustic Tri-View Drive-In in North Smithfield, Rhode Island

The last standing drive-in in the state offers double features seasonally from April to September each year. They even have a Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop.

4. Mansfield Drive-In Theatre in Mansfield, Connecticut

This classic drive-in offers a snack bar and a large outdoor flea market during the weekends.

5. Sunset Drive-In in Colchester, Vermont

This theater in Vermont is quite the spot. Not only do they have four screens but a playground, concessions and mini-golf.

6. Delsea Drive-In in Vineland, New Jersey

Constructed in 1949, this is New Jersey's only drive-in. They even offer pet-friendly nights on Saturdays in the Fall so you can bring your four-legged friends out to catch a film.

7. Warwick Drive-In in Warwick, New York

This old-school theater is cash only with three different screens playing popular movies seasonally.

8. Shankweiler's Drive-In Theater in Oreville, Pennsylvania 

The oldest drive-in in the country, Shankweiler's has been fully operational since 1934.

9. The Family Drive-In in Theatre in Stephens City, Virginia

This family-owned company has been run by the Dalke Family since the 1950s. They offer double features, a playground for the children and original car speakers on speaker poles.

10. Bengies Drive-In Theatre in Middle River, Maryland


Open since the 1950s, Bengie's Drive-In Theatre boasts the biggest movie screen in the country at 6,240 sqft. It was named in honor of 23rd U.S. President Benjamin Harrison.

11. Stardust Drive-In in Watertown, Tennessee

A 30-minute drive outside of Nashville, Stardust was the first theater in middle Tennessee to feature Barco Digital projection technology. They offer full concessions and the show goes on rain or shine.

12. Silver Moon Drive-In in Lakeland, Florida

The first drive-in to open in town, Silver Moon has been running since 1948. Saturdays and Sundays are transformed into the Swap Shop market.

13. Raleigh Road Outdoor Theatre in Vance County, North Carolina

Featuring double features, this pet-friendly drive-in is the oldest in the state. They offer a snack bar, playground for the kids, and generally focus on showing family-friendly movies (no R).

14. Highway 21 Drive-In in Beaufort County, South Carolina

This old-fashioned theater has a concession menu full of all roadside favorites to enjoy while you watch films from your car.

15. Starlight Six Drive-In in Atlanta, Georgia

This drive-in in Atlanta also features a flea market on the weekends. They show pretty much all of the newest films and offer double features.

16. Boulevard Drive-In Theater in Kansas City, Kansas

The box office is still the original except for upgraded signage and there are 600 speakers in the field, upgraded since its construction in 1950.

17. Fort Union Drive-In- Las Vegas, New Mexico

The only remaining drive-in theater in the state has been running strong since the 1950s with its single screen.

18. Admiral Twin Drive-In in Tulsa, Oklahoma

With 9 story screens and a full kitchen dishing out food, this Tulsa theater is opening seasonally each year. No outside food allowed, but who cares with a menu like theirs?

19. Coyote Drive-In in Fort Worth, Texas

Easily one of the most well-known drive-ins in Texas, Coyote amps up the classic drive-in theater with a one-acre beer garden, huge playground and the ability to order concessions from your smartphone (which is pretty amazing).

20. Coleman's Motor-Vu Drive-In in Riverdale, Utah

Running since 1947, this theater has a weekend swap meet and seasonal films to check out.

21. Highway 18 Outdoor Theatre -Jefferson, Wisconsin

This seasonal drive-in has 90-foot screens and snack bar. Just a warning: they have a no-alcohol policy so don't bring a six-pack to your next flick.

22. Cascade Drive-In in Chicago, Illinois

Open since 1961, this theater in Chicago has a picnic area with a BBQ grill so you can bring your own food to cook onsite.

23. Phoenix Theater in Houston, Missouri

This family-owned and operated theater has an indoor screen and a seasonal drive-in screen.

24. TK Starlite Drive-In -Neligh, Nebraska

One of only two operational drive-ins in the state of Nebraska, TK Starlite is in the Northeast part of the state and recently upgraded to a digital projector.

25. Mayfield Road Drive-In -Chardon, Ohio

Open since 1945, the Mayfield Road has a single screen that can accommodate 350 cars. The original screen was lost to a wind storm in 1993 and has since been upgraded.

26. Electric Dusk Drive-In in Los Angeles, CA

This is the only drive-in in Los Angeles showing top films from the '80s, '90s and '00s and newest releases. The best part is the amazing view of the LA skyline behind the screen.

27. 99W Drive-In in Newburg, Oregon

This drive-in is less than an hour outside of Portland with its own snack bar and of course, double features, which are one of the best parts of drive-ins.

28. Blue Fox Drive-In Theatre -Oak Harbor, Washington

This theater doesn't allow outside food, but they do offer go-karts that have a 1/4 mile track. Their full snack bar menu has a ton of options to choose from before you go watch a film from your car using the FM radio for audio.

29. West Wind Drive-In in Glendale, Arizona

Open since the 1950s, West Wind is a drive-in chain with locations in Nevada, California, and Arizona. With a full snack bar, playground for the kids and high technology used for their films, it can't be beaten.

30. West Wind Las Vegas 6 Drive-In in Las Vegas, Nevada

The second West Wind location on this list, these theaters have an incredible snack bar menu and some of the biggest screens around where you can watch first-run films at the same time as indoor theaters.




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