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The 3 Times Pickles Were a Really Big Dill in 2017

Do you feel like, no matter where you looked this year, pickles were everywhere? It seems like once we started exploring fermentation, one of Google's most searched food topics this year, the fascination with pickles began, too. We learned that pickle candy canes exist (and so do gravy candy canes!), and that moonshine pickles are indeed a real thing from Indiana.

However, nothing beats the three most-read stories about pickles this year. Are you ready? It's a salty ride ahead.

3. Pickle Juice Soda


Instagram: sonydays

When we found out that Pickle Juice Soda was a thing sold in a few East Coast candy shops, we knew we had to share it with y'all. Grandpa Joe's Candy Shop still carries the bubbly dill drink, and to learn more about where you can find it near you, head on over to the original story.

2. Pure Texas Pickle Juice

During the summer as we were sweatin' like sinners in church deep in the heart of Texas, we wanted to know where one could buy just plain ol' pickle juice. As it turns out, you can buy it on Amazon for a very reasonable price for a gallon.

The best part? It comes from one of Texas' most beloved brands: Best Maid. Mildred Dalton, we salute you! To learn more about this gallon of magic, click here.

1. Why Your Body Craves Pickle Juice

One of the best stories we published in 2017, our list of the health reasons pickle juice is actually good for you just about broke the internet. With over 10 million Facebook video views, it seems that we struck a chord with readers who have been swearing by the pickle juice cure for decades.

To learn about the 8 health benefits gleaned from pickle juice, check it out here.

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