25 Tricked-Out Airstream Trailers You Have to See

From shabby-chic to trendy and modern, it is hard to believe that this level of luxury can exist in a home on wheels, but it can, and it is AMAZING. Any of these 25 remodeled Airstream trailers will make you want to ditch your four-wall abode and hit the open road immediately.

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25. Instead of driving to the bar on Friday nights, this Airstream brings the bar wherever you go!

The Awesomer

24. Victorinox Swiss Army celebrated the 125th anniversary of their famous Swiss Army pocket knife with this sleek and sophisticated custom design.


23. Miranda Lambert’s Airstream is boho-chic at it’s finest!

Junk Gypsy Blog

22. Floral perfection from floor to ceiling is topped off with a crystal chandelier in this unique Airstream.


21. Custom designed by the legendary Ralph Lauren, this masculine-inspired theme brings a taste of the outdoors.

Vignette Design

20. This bright and elegant Airstream is perfect for the Cape.


19. The star of this Airstream is the bathroom featuring a modern glass shower and atlas-covered walls. Wood-paneled flooring adds a rustic touch to this trailer, perfect for any world traveler.

NY Times

18. This Airstream is any cooks dream. Who say’s you can’t have a fully equipped kitchen in a tight space?


17. Modern glamor on wheels.


16. The perfect blend of functionality and design, this Airstream cleverly lays out storage, the bedroom, an office and a lounge area without cramping its style.


15.  Neutral colors, plants and many windows make for this bright and airy Airstream.


14. Marble counter tops, whitewashed cabinets, a wooden ceiling and a chandelier make this Airstream a cozy country getaway.


13. Complete with checkered flooring, this vintage trailer belongs on Route 66 stat.


12. This nautical themed Airstream brings the ocean to you, complete with a wall-sized ocean mural.


11. The iconic aluminum exterior is brought inside for this striking design.


10. Perfectly retro and charming, this Airstream brings back the original nostalgia.


9. The ultimate wine-lovers dream with wine storage and coolers throughout the entire trailer!

8. Complete with a full serving bar area in the middle, guests would want to join in on any road trip in this contemporary Airstream.

7. Who needs a bed when you can have a sweet jam session at any moment in this Fender Airstream?


6. Vibrant colors and patterns make this a showstopper.

5. Located at the Grand Daddy Hotel in South Africa, this Airstream is inspired by Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Overloaded with circles it is quirky and fun!


4. Gold walls and gold accents–this mobile getaway screams luxury.


3. For the free-spirited gypsy lover in all of us.

2. This sophisticated and unique space beats a 600-square-foot apartment any day.

1. A memorable journey and killer view is the goal of any road trip destination. Wall-to-wall windows in this Airstream offer up a great view no matter where you are parked!


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25 Tricked-Out Airstream Trailers You Have to See