Señorita Mojave

Looking for a Place to Stay in West Texas? Try The Desert Diva Vintage Airstream + Four More Adorable Options

Big Bend National Park in West Texas is a must-visit. And if you're looking for the perfect place to stay, look no further than Tin Valley Retro Rentals, a collection of quirky campsites, ranging from a 1952 school bus to a land yacht that provides the perfect desert escape. 

See what Tin Valley Retro Rentals has to offer below and get ready to reserve these gems on Airbnb.

1. Senorita Mojave

Located near Big Bend National & State Park and the Rio Grande, Señorita Mojave is an old school bus from 1952, which has been refurbished into a unique Airbnb rental. The bus is situated on 90 private acres, making it the perfect secluded place to get away for some R&R. With a king bed and full futon, the bus can comfortably accommodate up to four people (it's BYO bed linens). It has pretty much everything you need for upscale camping: outdoor shower? Check. Access to a port-o-potty? Check. It's also pet-friendly because even your furry friends deserve to unwind in the beautiful Chihuahuan Desert.

Reserve Señorita Mojave here.

2. "Rondavous Land Yacht"

This is an actual boat turned into upscale camping accommodations. The most important thing to note is this is the first "clothing optional" campsite. Yes, it's what you think it means. If you've ever wanted to sunbathe in the desert sun in the nude, here's your chance. There's a deck that's perfect for stargazing and a large fire pit that's perfect for hot dogs or smores.

Reserve the yacht here.

3. "Cuddle Bug"

This 1969 VW Bug is not only adorable but also a cozy and unique option for a couple looking for a weekend getaway. It only has room for two, but that doesn't mean this eyelash clad car doesn't have a lot to offer. You can make it spin around like a merry-go-round, and it has a stargazing sunroof, which is a huge plus.

Reserve the bug here.

4. "Desert Diva"

How cute is this 1967 vintage Airstream? There's outdoor seating, flamingo decor in the yard, and a fabulous interior complete with a tub and bidet. The Diva has a bit more than some of the other options since there is an indoor toilet, shower, and coffee machine. This is perfect for the couple wanting a bit of extra space. Plus, it has a BBQ grill and a fire pit!

Reserve the Diva here.

5. "Cozy Cactus"

This vintage RV has a ton of charm with its cactus-painted exterior. There are cots to sleep two people and enough solar energy to keep your phone going all weekend. An excellent option for the camper that doesn't need much in terms of running water/electricity!

Reserve this here.

See a full list of Tin Valley Retro Rentals here!

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