20 Films and Series on Netflix That Country Fans Will Love


Netflix bingers beware. The online streaming service always has a nice variety of current and classic shows, documentaries and films, including quite a few that appeal to country fans' interests. Currently (Sept. 2017), the following 20 selections exemplify the types of music and culture-related material that's just a click away from an evening of entertainment or education.

American Rodeo: A Cowboy Christmas

It's a real-life "Amarillo By Morning," following rodeo riders during their sport's busiest season.

Austin to Boston

Folkies, rockers and country artists pack into a VW van, playing whenever and wherever allowed en route from SXSW to New England.

Brad Paisley's Comedy Rodeo

Paisley fancies himself as a joke-cracking, well-rounded entertainer, like past stars of variety shows, as he brings comedians on board for an evening of laughs and songs.

Christmas in the Smokies

The rom-com trope of the boyfriend who throws a wrench in small town happenings by returning home is filled here by a fictitious country star.

Country: Portraits of An American Sound

The decades-spanning story of country music and its sway over American popular culture, as seen through photographers' lenses, gets covered thoroughly in this 2015 documentary.

Country Crush

Music is at the heart of this romantic story of a young woman who might have to choose between her country Casanova and her singing career.

A Dog's Life

Country people, from Miranda Lambert on down, love dogs. Here's a look at how our K-9 friends see the world.

Friday Night Lights

The massive country music and football fan overlap should already know all about this television series and the book that started it all. Both are worth revisiting as another Texas high school football season amps up.

Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me

This award-winning 2014 documentary chronicles Campbell's final tour and the battle with Alzheimer's that cost him his life.

The Gospel Road: A Story of Jesus

Johnny Cash retells the story of Christ in this strong statement of personal faith from 1973.

History of the Eagles

Across three-plus hours, viewers get a feel for the triumphant ups and tumultuous downs of a country-infused rock band that can still pack an arena or baseball stadium.

Ken Burns: The West

Burns' 1996 mini-series about the Old West addresses many of the legends and truths immortalized by some of county music history's great singing cowboys.

Joyful Noise

Queen Latifah stars as a single mom forced to cooperate with a strong-minded foe in the late choir director's widow. Kris Kristofferson plays the choir director, while his bride is none other than Dolly Parton.

The Longest Day

What good is a list of movies for country fans without a little John Wayne?

Martin Clunes: Heavy Horsepower

Learn about Clydesdale horses, beyond just the beer commercials.

The Ranch

This original series not only captures the life of midwestern ranchers through dark comedy. It also has TV's best country soundtrack, exposing viewers to such young talents as Corb Lund and Lukas Nelson.


Chef Rick Bayless and others explore how the future of food impacts farmers.


Country's greatest renaissance man, Kris Kristofferson, and Trace Adkins star in this tale of Wild West revenge.

The Waterboy

This heaping helping of Southern-fried comedy introduced a new generation to Country Music Hall of Famer Jerry Reed's acting chops.

The Winding Stream

Maybelle Carter's Gibson L-5 acoustic guitar would be grounds enough for a documentary. There's more, as the entire extended Carter family, including Johnny Cash and the rest of his kin, had an immeasurable impact on popular music.

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20 Films and Series on Netflix That Country Fans Will Love