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11 Tiny Houses We Wish We Could Live In

The tiny house trend is sweeping the nation. In a world where we've amassed an unprecedented amount of clutter, these miniature dwellings are very tempting if you can handle transitioning to a small space. Can you imagine living in a tiny house, surrounded by beautiful rolling hills and the incredible splendor of the outdoors?

Who needs an enormous mansion with the excess square footage you don't even use when you can cut loose from everything that is tying you down, simplify, and become one with nature? As long as you have an actual living space or small living room with at least a nook to unwind in, you pretty much have everything you need outside of some creative shelving and storage spaces. Tiny living could be right for you if you plan it right.

These houses are basically the grown-up version of having a fort in your backyard, and some are actually in backyards. Check out these 16 amazing tiny house plans to get some inspiration for your own floor plan!

11. The Tiny Tack House

This 140-square-foot home was built by Christopher and Malissa Tack of Snohomish, Washington. Built on a flat-bed trailer, the home design is eco-friendly and sustainable, using natural wool as insulation, and utilizing solar panels for energy. There's plenty of counter space in the tiny home interior so that you're able to function in the space. The Tacks even grow their own vegetables in a tiny garden right next to their small house.

10. Sandy's Shabby Streamside Studio

Okay, so it's not technically a house, but you know you still want to live in this shabby chic bungalow with tons of natural light. Interior design blogger Sandy Foster works out of this magical 125-square-foot studio in the Catskills of New York. The tiny studio boasts an old-fashioned wood-burning stove and a sleeping loft that Foster is constantly changing up to reflect French and Nordic style.

9. Jessica Helgerson Tiny House

Just outside of Portland, Oregon, on five acres of land, resides interior designer Jessica Helgerson and her family in a comparatively palatial 540 square feet. They take advantage of their space to get a solid kitchen countertop. That wood stove adds a nice touch as well and is small enough to complement the space. Jessica and her husband Yianni bought the home in 2008 and remodeled it using repurposed materials.


8. Vina's Tiny House

Vina's tiny house has 140 square feet of self-sustainability. It boasts a fireplace, skylights and a deck out front.

7. Sleeper Cabin

Unlike most tiny houses, this little cabin in the woods has the bed on the bottom and looks larger than it is, due to the pleasant deck out front.

6. Hot Tub Bungalow

Just in case you thought living in a tiny house means sacrificing luxury, think again. The Tinywood Two, built by Tinywood Homes has a hot tub that fits right on the flatbed. This UK company developed hot tubs specifically for tiny homes.

5. Wee House

At 131 square feet, this house is just short of tiny, which is why it's called "wee" (which is also, somehow, much cuter). No space is wasted in this small abode, but if you're looking for a more spacious wee house, they also make a two-bedroom option. The Wee House Company is also located in the UK, in case you're looking for a tiny home abroad.

4. The Mica

This tiny home by Tumbleweed Tiny House Company may be just what you need if you want to unwind and simplify your life. At 172 square feet with no loft, it's just enough room for one or cozy enough for two.

3. Mini Home

Among tiny homes, the mini home is actually rather large. This adorable little house belongs to Akua and Brendon, a Canadian couple who have recently rented out their little 500-square-foot love nest for an extended stay in Thailand. Happy trails, friends!

2. The Neverwas Haul

This enchantingly quirky home on wheels was built in 2006 as a vehicle through which to explore the Burning Man music festival. It was built using recycled and repurposed elements and combines pieces of old steam engines as well as steamships. The steam-punk themed vehicle is even available for rent!

1. Silo House

The Gruene Homestead Inn in Gruene, Texas (that's pronounced "green") on the outskirts of New Braunfels offers a one-of-a-kind accommodation, namely, a restored grain silo. The loft space is available to rent for $175 per night and sleeps up to two adults and two children.

This post was originally published on March 31, 2016. 

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