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A Group of Best Friends Created a Tiny House Neighborhood in Texas

A group of best friends created a unique neighborhood of tiny homes where they can enjoy nature and each others' company, known as both "Bestie Row" and "Llano Exit Strategy."

The friends decided to escape the city grind of Austin, Texas and together bought 10 acres of land near the Llano River. The group hired architect Matt Garcia to design energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes to be built on the property.

The tiny homes are 350 square feet and cost around $40,000 a piece to build. Each house features one bedroom, a living room, and bathroom. They were constructed with a minimalist style in mind that features concrete, metal and wood accents.

Since water is a limited commodity in their area, each home is built with a "butterfly roof" that collects rainwater that is recirculated into the water supply for the homes.

"This is a magical place, but it's arid," homeowner Fred Zipp told Garden and Gun. "We're doing what we can to reserve as much water as possible for the native trees and grasses. Fortunately, they're beautiful."

If you wish you could live in one of these cute and eco-friendly houses, you may be in luck. The homeowners rent out the spaces while they are away so you can enjoy this unique style of Texas living because they aren't in retirement mode just yet.

To find out more about the neighborhood and book a night at "Bestie Row," check out the Llano River Compound rental website via HomeAway and AirBnb. Yes, you and your family really can stay here!

This post was updated December 28, 2018, but we wanted to revive it because it's now available as a vacation rental for families!

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A Group of Best Friends Created a Tiny House Neighborhood in Texas