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15 No Bake Christmas Desserts That Make Life So Much Easier

For me, dessert is one of my favorite part about Christmas. I'm usually in charge of making a few things each year, which I love to do. This season is such a great time to bake - cookies, tarts, fudge, pies you name it. But, like most people, this time of year for me can get really hectic! Sometimes it's hard to think of a holiday menu when you are so caught up in other things.

Well, if you're in charge of bringing something sweet this Christmas season, don't worry. These no bake treats have your back. They're so easy, you won't even have to turn your oven on. Check out these 15 no bake Christmas desserts below so you can enjoy yourself during the holidays without the added stress.

1. Eggnog Dip

This is a fun holiday treat that includes a very popular drink, eggnog. Beat together cream cheese, eggnog, cinnamon, nutmeg and almond extract and serve with a variety of fruit, biscotti, graham crackers, etc at your next holiday party. This is a simple dessert to pull together in minutes and your guests will love it while sipping on some eggnog.

Here is the recipe.

2. Individual Grasshopper Pies 

Grasshopper Pie is a mint and chocolate flavored dessert that's refreshing and just so darn good. I've seen Grasshopper Pie made in martini glasses, in a trifle dish and in pie form, but these mini mason jars are definitely my favorite and the perfect sized dessert.

The first layer is a simple Oreo crust that is pressed down on the bottom of each jar. The filling is creamy and of course, minty from the Creme de Menthe. If you do not want to use Creme de Menthe, you can substitute with 1 teaspoon of mint extract and a little green food coloring. Serve this with a side of mint cookies.

Find the recipe here.

3. Gingerbread Cheesecake Trifle

A trifle is a great dessert to make for a a big crowd. In my opinion, they look so impressive, too. This recipe has all the flavors of Christmas: a creamy gingerbread cheesecake layer, crumbled gingerbread cookies, caramel sauce and whipped cream. And unlike Rachel Green's infamous trifle from the show Friends, this recipe doesn't have a layer of beef sautéed with onions and peas!

Get the recipe here.

4. Nutella Cheesecake

No bake Nutella cheesecake? Yes please! This recipe is perfect for any last minute holiday desserts. Simply combine whipped cream, cream cheese, sugar and Nutella and spread the no-bake chocolate mixture into a store bought or homemade graham cracker pie crust.

I love that this is consider a cheesecake that doesn't have to be baked. Make sure to drizzle the top with extra Nutella.

Here is the recipe.

5. Almond Butter Thumbprints

Thumbprint cookies are absolutely delicious and really brighten up the Christmas table. You can fill them with any jam you like (I love using raspberry jam and the color is beautiful). Believe it or not, this cookie recipe doesn't require any baking time.

Powdered sugar, almond butter (or any nut or seed butter you prefer), salted butter and crushed pretzels are mixed together and formed into balls. Using your thumb, make an indentation to hold the strawberry jam. And if you are feeling fancy, drizzle them with white chocolate. You have to try these out.

Find the recipe here.

6. Fluffy Cranberry Pie

Cranberries are a very popular fruit used this season, especially on Pinterest. They're tart, but just need a little sugar to sweeten them up! This dreamy no bake pie combines whipped cream, cream cheese, sugar, cranberry sauce, vanilla extract and orange zest and sits on top of a homemade no bake graham cracker crust. This pie is light and fluffy and even better that it's no bake. Garnish this Christmas recipe  with orange zest curls and sugared cranberries.

Here's the recipe.

7. Bourbon Balls

These festive Christmas cookies look like little snowballs and would be the perfect addition to your cookie tray. And even better, these vanilla wafer and walnut based cookies are spiked with some bourbon. Doesn't everyone need a little bourbon during the holidays? These cookies also make the last-minute gifts or something fun to make for a cookie swap.

Find the recipe here.

8. Peppermint Bark Dip

Dessert dips are a true crowd pleaser and a simple no bake dessert. This dip has delicious winter mint and chocolate flavor and is best served with vanilla wafer cookies, Oreos  or all on its own! This peppermint bark dip is light and creamy and tastes just like peppermint bark.

This recipe suggests topping this dessert with crushed candy canes, which is great but you can also top this with crushed peppermint bark.

Here's the recipe.

9. No Churn Eggnog Ice Cream

No churn ice cream with eggnog? This sounds like a dream come true! This recipe is so festive and easy and can be prepared ahead of time. I think this ice cream would be so good sandwiched in between two molasses cookies.

Find the recipe here.

10. Pumpkin Spice Icebox Cake

Pumpkin spice flavored food and drinks are still in full swing (I'm sure you're sick of hearing the words pumpkin spice) for a little bit longer. For your pumpkin spice fix, this layered no bake dessert is definitely impressive with layers of gingersnap cookies and pumpkin spice whipped cream.

Here's the recipe.

11. Peanut Butter Pretzel Bars

The combination of sweet and salty in these dessert bars are sure to be a hit at your holiday gathering. You really can't go wrong with peanut butter, chocolate and pretzels. Make sure to refrigerate these bars so they firm up.

This recipe was originally found on Very Best Baking..

12. Fudgy Mint Chocolate No Bake Cookies

I love no bake cookies because you don't have to worry about risking them over baking in the oven. These cookies are fudgy and soft and have three layers to them. They are made up of a chocolate oat and coconut cookie base, mint frosting and ganache on top.

Since these cookies tend to be on the gooey side, it's best to store them in the refrigerator or freezer. You don't want to miss this recipe this Christmas!

Here's the recipe

13. Chocolate Peppermint Mousse

Five minutes is all you need to make this chocolate peppermint mousse. I love the addition of coffee liqueur in this because chocolate and coffee are the perfect match. And who doesn't love a little caffeine in their dessert?! You can make this in individual cups, mason jars or in one serving dish.

Find the recipe here.

14. Chocolate Pecan Pie

In my opinion, pecan pie isn't only for Thanksgiving. It makes a wonderful Christmas dessert too! This pie earns extra points by requiring zero baking time and for having four decadent layers. This pie is made up of an Oreo cookie crust, chocolate cheesecake, pecan pie filling and chocolate ganache. A splash of whiskey might be tasty in the pecan pie filling as well!

Helpful tip: If you know you're going to be super busy when the holidays arrive, this pie can be made ahead of time, wrapped tightly and stored in the freezer.

Find the recipe here

15. Ginger, Fig and Cranberry Semifreddo with Blackberry Sauce

Semifreddo is an egg yolk based mixture that tastes like a mix between ice cream and frozen mousse. This dessert starts off by gently cooking egg yolks, white wine and sugar over a double boiler and then whipping up in a mixer until thick. Whipped cream, orange zest, chopped figs, cranberries and ginger are folded into the egg mixture and placed into a loaf pan for this elegant frozen holiday dessert. Serve with a generous drizzle of homemade blackberry sauce.

If you do not like the combination of fruits used here, feel free to come up with your own creation.

Here's the recipe

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