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Grab Your Favorite Mug and Cozy Up with These 13 Warm Fall Drinks

Brisk air, bushels of apples, colorful leaves, and sweaters are back in season and we've got the hot drinks to celebrate. Incorporating all the best flavors of autumn, it's time to cozy up to your favorite mug and whip up a seasonal beverage.

But where to start? Start right here. We've got your decadent hot chocolate, beloved PSL, and everything apple galore! Plus, a couple with a little extra hit of some something something to keep you warm if you catch my drift. Throw on your sweater, grab your mug, and sit back and relax with one of these autumn hot drink recipes.

1. Toasted Coconut Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Latte with Chocolate Drizzle

There's the PSL, then there's this PSL. Half Baked Harvest takes the most popular drink of the season and turns it into a luscious beverage so elegant and rich, even pumpkin spiced latte haters can't resist it.

Get the recipe here.

2. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Latte

Apple season is upon us and it's time to start experimenting with all those bushels coming your way. I recommend starting off right with this revolutionary mug. It turns your morning oatmeal into an espresso infused, spiced apple treat. Part meal, part drink, you'll want to trade in the straw for a spoon for this one.

Get the recipe here.

3. Slow Cooker Apple Cider

It wouldn't be a proper autumn gathering without a slow cooker full of warm apple cider waiting to greet your guests. This slow cooker apple cider is guaranteed to put smiles on faces as it warms you inside out.

Get the recipe here.

4. Mulled Wine

Speaking of gatherings, give the adults a special fall refreshment with this mulled wine recipe. Citrus and spice, it's got all the traditional ingredients your guests will want to warm up to.

Get the recipe here.

5. Apple Butter Old Fashioned

Apple butter isn't just for toast, it's also your new secret ingredient to concocting a seasonal Old Fashioned cocktail. Try a dollop and see for yourself. Don't you just love autumn?

Get the recipe here.

6. Vegan Mayan Drinking Chocolate

Move over Mexican hot chocolate, the Mayan hot chocolate has just arrived. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cayenne, a pinch of salt, dark chocolate, and coconut whipped cream turn this hot cocoa into a rich, spicy dream.

Get the recipe here.

Chef's Note: If you like things a little sweeter to cool the cayenne, add some white chocolate to the mix.

7. S'mores Hot Chocolate

Smore's don't end when the summer campfire dies. Spoil the little ones or treat yourself to a rich mug of this hot cocoa. With cocoa powder and chocolate syrup on the list, its got all the chocolatey goodness you crave plus a topping of toasted marshmallows and graham crackers to go along.

Get the recipe here.

8. Hot Apple Pie Bourbon Cocktail

This fall, cheers to the season with an apple pie in liquid form with this Hot Apple Pie Bourbon cocktail. It's got all the seasonal favorites including apple cider, a touch of cinnamon, some butterscotch, and the best part of all, bourbon. Dessert cocktail in a glass, this is how you cozy up right on a brisk day.

Get the recipe here.

9. Homemade Chai Latte

Cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamon, clove, these spices are back in season and what better drink to incorporate them all than a chai tea latte!

Here's an easy recipe you can make at home. Creamy and spiced, we don't blame you if you want to add a dollop of whipped cream and a cinnamon stick for garnish.

Get the recipe here.

Chef's Note: Can't do dairy? Try it with almond milk, soy milk, or coconut milk instead.

10. Hot Buttered Rum

Love it or hate it, the hot buttered rum is back. If you're on the love it side, then you're going to enjoy this recipe. It's got all the spices, butter, and rum you crave with a little extra special autumn twist, apple cider.

Get the recipe here.

11. Hot Cider Nog

You know when you reach the point of cold weather coming on that it's not quite winter, but it doesn't still feel quite like fall? Yeah, that weird in between.

Well, we've got the recipe to warm you up on a gloomy fall day, this cider nog. Part hot apple cider, part eggnog, it's a blend of an autumn and winter drink so you can still embrace the season while cozying up away from the cold.

Get the recipe here.

12. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

This apple cider hot toddy is your answer to a relaxing autumn night. All it requires is a hint of lemon juice, hot apple cider tea, a little bit of honey, and a shot of whiskey.

Get the recipe here.

13. Warm Spice Apple and Carrot Drink

While autumn is a great excuse to start drinking hot cocoa again, winter is only a few months away so if you're going to keep your immune system up you'll need some help. And we've got the answer, Green Kitchen Stories'  Warm Spice Apple and Carrot Drink. With some apple juice, carrots, fresh ginger, and a whole round of other spices, you can enjoy sipping to your health with a warm beverage in hand.

Get the recipe here.

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