If You're Looking to Ditch Plastic, Try These Metal Straws

More and more businesses are finding ways to replace plastic drinking straws at the request of customers; McDonald's . Some places like Malibu, Miami Beach and Seattle are banning the use of plastic straws already, while others like New York City are considering bans. Businesses like Alaska Airlines are proactively finding ways to reduce plastic straw usage, including switching to paper straws and requiring that customers ask for a straw instead of automatically being given one.

For personal use, a reusable straw like glass straws or metal straws can be a good alternative, either to carry with you or for use at home. Fortunately, Amazon (of course) has you covered with these super popular metal straws.

Metal Straws


This stainless steel straw set is on the Amazon Home & Kitchen Best Sellers list and has over a thousand five star customer reviews. Most of the reviews heaped praise on the reusable straws, saying they work for Yeti tumblers and many types of water bottles.

One customer said, "I use these on a daily basis. A great no-waste alternative to plastic straws which NEVER break down in landfills. I even carry one in my purse in case I get a drink while I'm out. These are fairly long and not ideal for very short glasses (or mason jars), but in general work very well for me. Great for smoothies, fresh juice, iced coffee, really anything. They come with two small brushes and are easily hand washed."

Another noted, "I am extremely satisfied with them. No metallic taste whatsoever and they fit perfectly into my stainless steel mug. What I love most about them is that it makes the drink even cooler tasting because the metal stays cool."

Metal Straws


Plenty of reviewers said that the stainless steel drinking straws don't have any metal taste and they fit large 40-ounce drinks easily. They also liked that the metal gets and stays cold in drinks with ice, so your drink stays cool all the way to your mouth.

A few reviewers pointed out that it may take a bit to get used to the new straws and that you should watch out for kids using them; since the straws don't give, you can't bite down on them and you can hurt yourself if you accidentally poke the straw into your gums or cheek. The company that makes the straws notes that kids under 12 should only use the metal straws with adult supervision.

The stainless steel straws come in a set of eight, with four straight straws and four bent straws. The pack also comes with two cleaning brushes to clean the straws between uses. The 10.5 inch long straws are dishwasher safe, too, if you'd rather not hand wash them.

Given the enthusiastic reviews, these metal straws seem like a great alternative to the environmentally unfriendly plastic versions.

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