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13 Beautiful Texas Waterfalls You Need to See

Ready for a cascading adventure through the Texas wilderness? It's a bit of a surprise to some folks when they learn that there are several beautiful waterfalls in Texas. Here are 13 you should add to your checklist.

13. Westcave Waterfall, Westcave Preserve

The Westcave Waterfalls are the main attraction at the 30-acre Westcave Preserve. They form a 40-foot drop over Travertine columns.

12. McKinney Falls, McKinney Falls State Park

Where the Onion and Williamson Creeks meet, you'll find these small falls that cascade down limestone rocks.

11. Boykin Springs, Angelina National Forest


These small falls near the ruins of the Aldridge Saw Mill make for a rustic encounter.

10. Beef Creek Falls, Hog Creek near Sam Rayburn Reservoir

You'll need an escort to check out these beautiful falls owned by the East Timber Empire.

9. Windows Trail, Big Bend National Park

The Windows Trail waterfalls are formed by a creek that steadily declines hundreds of feet into the Rio Grande. When it rains, the Windows Trail turns into a series of trickling falls. The pour off forms Window Falls, a spectacular cascade.

8. Capote Falls, Marfa


The Capote Falls waterfalls reside on private property, so without permission, the only way you can check out the 180-foot drop is to rent a helicopter.

7. Dolan Falls, Devils River State Natural Area

This is a no-go zone for the casual hiker unless you get permission from the Nature Preserve at Devils River. If you do, you'll find a beautiful set of falls that run the width of Devils River.

6. Krause Springs, Cypress Creek

Cypress and fern trees surround this beautiful set of waterfalls that stream into a beautiful swimming hole.

5. Cattail Falls, Chisos Mountains; Big Bend National Park

Cattail Falls is a secluded waterfall that requires a tough hike through the Chisos Mountains area of Big Bend. The reward is a rushing fall that runs the west slope of the mountain.

4. Wichita Falls

Wichita Falls at Lucy Park forms a sweeping 54-foot cascade that flows over several layers of rock. The falls are so beautiful, you can almost forget that they are man-made.

3. Pedernales Falls, Pedernales Falls State Park

Pedernales Falls State Park in the Texas Hill Country is home to awesome fishing and hiking, but the big attraction is the Pedernales Falls, which run over limestone rock and form multiple gorgeous pools.

2. Gorman Falls, Colorado Bend State Park

Take a steady hike and a steep descent to the Gorman Falls and you'll see an otherworldly 65-foot waterfall that cascades down fern-covered, delicate Travertine. This is also one of the only waterfalls in Texas that runs year-round. The seclusion of the falls and the ability to hike to both hike to the top for a bird's eye view and take in the falls from below make Gorman Falls a top pick in your Texas waterfall checklist.

1. Hamilton Pool, Pedernales River

The Hamilton Pool waterfall grabs our number one spot because of its 50-foot waterfall that pours into the beautiful limestone Hamilton Pool grotto. Austin swimmers take to Hamilton Pool to cool off in the summer heat and the relaxing waterfall makes for a perfect backdrop. Hamilton Pool may not be the largest or the wildest fall, but it is definitely the most accessible waterfall on the list.

This article was originally published in 2017.

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