redneck wedding cakes

12 Seriously Creative (and Hilarious) Redneck Wedding Cakes

While generally redneck activities like hunting, Nascar, and back-roading might not be your first thought when it comes to wedding cakes, think again. Redneck wedding cakes have a ton of character, creativity, and most importantly, are personal to the bride and groom. Take some inspiration from these 12 funny cake ideas that could actually make pretty fun groom's cakes.

1. The Hunters

It's no country wedding without paying homage to this favorite pastime. This hunting cake is pretty creative especially if the wedding couple is big into hunting!

2. Muddin'

This cake is pretty hilarious. With the groom's cake tire spraying mud up all of the white cake, this style is a common redneck cake.

3. Nascar

Like it or hate it, this cake did a great job incorporating Nascar while keeping the traditional white wedding cake as a backdrop. It even includes a little race car!

4. Deer Heads

This cake is perfect for a country wedding especially if there are similar deer-related wedding decorations.

5. The Hunt is Over

A little kitschy with the saying, but its pretty cute — especially if the bride and groom are hunters.

6. Camouflage

Camo is what I think of when it comes to redneck-themed wedding cakes. This cake designer was pretty creative in how they divided the cake down the middle, putting the camo on the groom's side. You could have this cake for a touch of fun at the reception without going full camouflage wedding.

7. Beer

Grab your favorite bottles or beer cans and throw them in a cooler (made of cake!). An easy and crowd-pleasing choice for a grooms cake.

8. Fishing Cake

I love this fishing cake. An especially fun extra touch that the groom took his shoes off before sitting down with his pole.

9. Pickup Truck

This cake style is similar to the muddin' cake but has cute little footprints walking up from the pickup truck.

10. Rustic Tree

This tree with the initials on it really just looks like a country wedding cake. This could be a nice addition to a more rustic reception.

11. John Deere

This is just an awesome cake. Who said just because you asked for a tractor cake that it didn't need to look amazing? Love the creative thinking that led to two of the layers looking like tires.

12. Bride Dragging Groom

This wedding cake topper seems to be a favorite with rednecks. Guaranteed to lead to some funny moments at the reception.

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