southern themed grooms cake

Southern Themed Groom's Cakes That Look Too Good to Eat

Groom's cakes are a longstanding tradition that dates back to the Victorian era. Back then wedding favors were a simple slice of cake given to guests to take home. Legend has it that single female wedding guests who slept with the slice of cake under their pillow would dream of their future husband, hence the name groom's cake. This tradition was eventually adopted in the U.S. and is still popular in the South.

The tradition has evolved, and now brides use groom's cakes as more of a way to offer recognition of their future husband. Now they're much more personalized and decorated to represent the groom's hobbies and interests, like hunting or off-roading. Some are simple while others are wildly creative, with cakes ranging from chicken nugget shapes to Yeti coolers filled with fish. Here are 10 unique examples of country and Southern-themed groom's cakes that look so impressive you'd hate to eat them.

The Chick-fil-A cows would be so proud

A Southern staple

If you're living in the South, you've probably had a date or two there during your relationship.

The only thing missing is the dog

Heck yeah! might be redneck but this cake is awesome!!! duck hunting grooms cake - Google Search

Cakes We Bake

Don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys

The hunt is over

He loved her, but he loved to fish

Gotta love that Tennessee whiskey

Note the mud splashes on the wedding cake

Via Pinterest

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