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9 Creepy Drive-Thru Halloween Attractions in the U.S.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a lot of things from us this year. We've had to adjust to the new normal of social distancing, masks, quarantine, and more. But one thing COVID won't be taking from us? Halloween

While trick-or-treating will certainly look different, you can still get nearly scared to death at a haunted house from the safety of your own vehicle. Organizers all over the country have been hard at work transitioning their annual haunted house experiences from a walkthrough scare-fest to a drive-thru experience. 

Here are some of the best drive-through haunted attractions around the country to visit this Halloween season. 

1. Dragon's House of Horrors, Mile of Terror in Albuquerque, New Mexico

This New Mexico experience at the Santa Ana Star Center already held the Guinness World Record for the longest walk-through haunted house. So they were ready for the challenge this year of making sure people could still get their scare on. Dragon's House of Horrors is offering the first drive-thru haunted house in the state and will run through Halloween.

The tickets are available here online for $40 per car. You will adjust your radio station to access the sounds haunting the Mile of Terror outside your vehicle and will truly feel like you are driving through a horror movie. 

2. The Haunted Road in Orlando, Florida

This outdoor theater experience will follow fairy tale character Rapunzel as she leaves her tower and discovers a world full of horrors. Prices vary from $15-$30 per person but can be slightly higher if you'd like to purchase a mask onsite as well. One of the coolest parts of this experience is there are family-friendly drives during the day as well as a few select dates that are so scary it is for 18+ only. Purchase your tickets here

3. Dare to Ride The Horseman's Trail in Ulster Park, New York 

This year, instead of the annual haunted hayride, a pandemic-friendly drive-through will be offered. Starring the famous Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow, tickets are on sale here for $39.95.

4. Haunted Drive in Splendora, Texas 

The only drive-thru haunted house in the Houston area will be the Haunted Drive. For $20 per car, you can scare yourself silly driving through this scary experience. The drive is cash only, and you'll have your windows rolled down to hear all of the creepy things that the actors have in store for you. 

5. Stranger Things The Drive-Into Experience in Los Angeles, California

For $59 per two people in a car, you can experience the Netflix series Stranger Things up close. A few years ago, Stranger Things was the Halloween series we didn't know we needed, centered in a small town full of government secrets and children who discover the "upside down." You can now drive through the '80s and see all of the best parts from the series which definitely includes the upside down. Tickets are available here but this experience will be extended until February 2021 so there is plenty of time!

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6. Urban Legends of Southern California in Costa Mesa, California 

Prices range from $60 to $90 per vehicle where you get to drive through multiple haunted scenes from the safety of your car. There will be crazy special effects, monsters and more that will definitely scare everyone in the car. This experience will be open Oct 1-Nov 1. Buy your tickets here

7. Alley of Darkness in Chicago, Illinois

Replay Lincoln Park is offering a terrifying drive-through experience through the month of October. For $75 per car, you'll get to pull up to a brief drive-in movie followed by a 365-degree experience full of fake blood, zombies, and more that will jump out at and around your car. Purchase your tickets here for any night 5-11 pm in the month of October.

8. Trapped in Las Vegas, Nevada 

According to a press release and KVVU-TV, "The journey is wrought with Hekuri conversion mobs, bombs, hostiles and deadly traps, all presented through state-of-the-art projection technology." This drive-thru will almost be an end of the world take on a haunted house, running Oct 8-31. Purchase your tickets here

9. Oaks Park Haunted Drive-Thru in Portland, Oregon

Oaks Park and Clark County ScareGrounds have worked together to create the ultimate drive-thru in Portland. Tickets run either $15 per person or ranging from $70-$80 per car depending on which time of day you'd like to go. There will be multiple haunted scene experiences, so there is minimal driving involved. Once the actors finish one scene (for your car only!) you'll be lead up to the next scene. Purchase your tickets here.