The 10 Commandments of Eating in Texas

When you come to the Lone Star State, you best be prepared. Eating in Texas is an experience like no other because of the Tex-Mex, the tender smoked meat of BBQ, and the delicious pecan pies in every bakery around the holidays.

Here are the 10 commandments of eating in Texas. You'll be awful sad if you break any!

1. Blue Bell is king.

When the creamery was forced to shut down production for an extended period of time due to mass recalls, we Texans nearly fainted of withdrawals from this sugary sweet frozen treat from the gods.

With production back up and running and freezer shelves restocked, we can all rest easy with freezers packed to the brim with Blue Bell. You know, in case we're ever in a crisis again. Preparation is key, y'all.

2. The Czech Stop is a must-visit.

If you've ever taken a trip through or live within the borders of Texas and haven't been to Czech Stop . . . tell no one. The kolaches here are supreme, and it's a necessary fact that you have to stop by when you're on any type of road trip. Whether it's a convenient stop is beside the point; necessity is a necessity.

Pro Tip: don't ask about the calorie count per kolache.

3. Brisket soothes the soul.

When it comes to barbecue in Texas, it doesn't get more down-home than in Lockhart. Whether it's Smitty's, Blacks, or Kreuz Market as pictured above, your ultimate decision will not disappoint, but it will seriously change your life.

4. Salsa is more than a dip.

I realized that this was a 'Texas' thing the first time I lived out of state lines. Breakfast isn't breakfast if something isn't doused in homemade salsa. Don't feel like making your own?

We feel your struggle but can match it with a solution. In Texas, you can buy homemade salsa in most grocery stores across the state. Why? Because we take salsa seriously, and bottled salsa is a sin.

5. The State Fair is essential.

Surely you've heard the phrase, "Everything's bigger in Texas." Though it may not be true for everything, it certainly is in regards to the State Fair of Texas. With grounds located at Fair Park in Dallas, the State Fair boasts all things Texas.

From frying almost anything (even Twinkies) to the presence of Big Tex—a 55-foot tall statue that can be seen from a mile away. If you're new to the state, you must go to the fair. You can't sit with us Texans until you do.

6. No matter the restaurant, always hold the door.

It makes no difference if you're at Buc-ee's or an upscale steakhouse, manners come first. This is an unwritten law of the land, and us Texan's think it's a pretty good one, too.

7. Pecan pie is a holiday staple.

If you've ever been to any holiday-related gathering of friends and family in Texas, you've seen pecan pie and the excessive salivation of onlookers. If you're really a Texan, then you know exactly where the best of the best pecan pies come from.

Yes, we're talking about those Goode Company pies that come in wood boxes. Sure, they can be pricey. But what's a dollar amount when it equates to such joy?

8. 'Coke' is synonymous for 'Soda', especially Dr Pepper

If you're out to eat and hear someone say, "Can I have a coke?", followed by, "What kind?" - you're probably in Texas or somewhere similar. Also, as this great state is home to one of the oldest major manufacturers of soft drinks, Dr Pepper.

9. New Year's Day means black-eyed peas and tamales. 

Now, I'm sure these aren't things solely done in Texas, but they're a sworn staple of New Year's Day that many across the state have thrown their own adaptation onto.

Here in Texas, you better be eating your black-eyed peas with your homemade tamales, and soaking in just how awesome it is to live here.

10. Two Words: Breakfast. Tacos.

These are the save-all in Texas. Regardless of your reason for summoning the taco heavens (at any time you desire, I might add), you will never be disappointed. These beauties are a must in every Texans' life, and they should be in yours, too!

What are your commandments for eating in Texas?