10 Tiny Kitchens in Tiny Houses That Are Adorably Functional

The theory that bigger is better has been challenged in recent years by minimalistic movements and the desire to cut back on commercial goods. Whether it be for environmental reasons or skyrocketing rent for an apartment the size of a shoebox in the area of town you have to live in, smaller spaces with even smaller kitchens are the new norm.

Luckily, the new norm has caught a wave across the country, and energy-efficient homes and kitchens are beginning to top the list of must-haves for homebuyers. If you're in the market to downsize, or are simply interested in delving into the creativity behind a carefully crafted bite-sized kitchen, these tiny spaces of wonderment will check off every box of your kitchen wish list whilst simultaneously blowing your mind with their lack of square footage.

1. Industrialized and Minimized

This gem of a kitchen proves its modern-day efficiency by the addition of a washer and dryer to maximize efficiency and movability in a small space.

2. Street Style

Who needs an acre of space in the kitchen when yours can look modern, organized, and surprisingly spacious without the square footage (or the energy bill).

3. Double Duty

When it comes to making the most out of a space, this tiny house does just that. The addition of the loft above the kitchen is too convenient and adorable all at the same time.

4. Hangin' Out

One of the most important silver linings to a small kitchen is the ability to use existing shelves and ceiling space to hang bulky items, such as pots and pans.

Plus who doesn't like a touch of rustic to their kitchen?

5. Wheelin' It

The beauty in minimalism truly shines in this kitchen on wheels, literally.

The house that this kitchen belongs to is actually on wheels and handcrafted and designed by Tiny Heirloom, a building company out of Portland.

6. Rustic Chic

There's nothing like a modern day take on a rustic chic kitchen. With its dark wooden shelves stacked to the ceiling for ample storage and a contrastingly white farmhouse sink nestled underneath, you'll forget you're not on a 12-acre piece of land with a kitchen to match.

7. Let The Light In

The use of skylights in this kitchen enables the optical illusion of a larger space as the light hits all the dark corners.

Plus, what's better than seeing the sky while baking homemade chocolate chip cookies?

8. Hidden Surprises

For this industrial space, less is more in every aspect of the phrase. Hidden compartments give a clean look free of the clutter that is often found in smaller spaces.

9. Hunters and Gatherers

This tiny kitchen is the ideal fit for the hunter in your life. Rustic elements such as unfinished woods accompanied with a chandelier made from antlers, the functionality and flare of this kitchen make you question how you ever lived lavishly.

10. The sky is the limit

There's something to be said about adding one or two pops of bold color in a small space that not only brightens it up but makes it seem bigger. This kitchen—with its explicitly-placed red oven and a sky-high refrigerator—allows you to fall back in love with the room you love most.

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