10 Amazing Bluegrass Covers of Popular Songs

The only thing more American than bluegrass music is turning hit songs into bluegrass covers. There's just something so magical about the smooth sounds of a resonator guitar over chucking acoustic bassists, fiddle players, and mandolins players. And of course, the band's blazing banjo solos.

Here are 10 of the best bluegrass covers of popular songs around to add to your country music playlist. And since we know you're going to get hooked and want to keep listening to more, we'll save you some time and direct you to the "Pickin' On Series" -- an extensive collection of well-recorded and masterfully arranged bluegrass covers of hit songs and classics.

10. Postmodern Jukebox -- "Blurred Lines" (Robin Thicke)

Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" is known for having a pretty sexy music video, but this cover gives it a completely different feel when you pair it with a bluegrass band and their amazing musicianship.

9. The Blueshine Brothers -- "All About That Bass" (Meghan Trainor)

Pop princess Meghan Trainor's hit song really kicks it up a notch in this amazing bluegrass cover by The Blueshine Brothers.

8. Steve'n'Seagulls -- "Thunderstruck" (AC/DC)

In case you thought you couldn't take a rock song that repeatedly says "Thunder" and turn it into a whimsical bluegrass tune, you've just been proven wrong.

7. Mustered Courage -- "Kiss From A Rose" (Seal)

If there's one song I never thought could translate as a bluegrass song it's "Kiss From A Rose". Maybe because it reminds me of Batman from the 90s...either way it really works!

6. The Cleverlys -- "Bad Romance" (Lady Gaga)

Lady Gaga is such a talented songwriter, her songs translate well in any genre as evidenced by this rendition from The Cleverlys.

5. Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out -- "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (John Dever)

Denver's classic country is honored by adding some new bluesy elements to it.

4. Iron Horse -- "Enter Sandman" (Metallica)

Another incredibly unexpected addition to this list, this Metallica is awesome.

3. Pickin' On Series -- "When I Come Around" (Green Day)

I truthfully was never a big fan of Green Day when they were at their peak, but this bluegrass tribute really might make me change my mind.

2. Mountain Faith Band -- "Counting Stars" (OneRepublic)

This ballad from pop band OneRepublic sounds so much better with a bluegrass feel, or maybe that's just me.

1. Bruce Hornsby/Ricky Skaggs/John Anderson -- "Super Freak" (Rick James)

You can't tell me this song isn't fun.

There isn't a rap, hip-hop, or pop song that doesn't sound amazing as a bluegrass cover!

This article was originally published on April 12, 2019. 

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10 Amazing Bluegrass Covers of Popular Songs