The 1 Kitchen Tool I Couldn't Live Without This Year is Under $6

When I originally started to think about the kitchen tools that I used in the kitchen every single day, I was convinced that I would be writing about how much I love my cast iron skillet or my Dutch oven. After all, those are my pots and pans of choice on any given night. However, last night as I was making our Baked Chicken Parmesan, I realized that there is one kitchen tool that I use every single day and it's not the fancy appliances or cookware I was imagining. In fact, it's a spatula. A fish spatula, to be precise.

Less than $6, the Winco FST-6 6.5-inch Blade Fish Spatula entered my kitchen about two years ago and it's been my spatula of choice ever since. The wooden handle provides a comfortable grip, and I've never lost grip while cooking. The blade itself is a slotted ergonomic turning blade, and in layman's terms, that just means it was designed to easily flip foods, especially in smaller skillets. It has a small lip on the edge of the blade, too, that makes it easy to wiggle it underneath fish fillets, steaks, and even fried eggs.

I've used it with my trusty sheet pan, nonstick pans, cast iron pans, hot pans that just left the oven, and even to loosen the sides of an especially cheesy casserole. The stainless steel blade lightweight enough to handle delicate food, like lifting seafood cakes from the pan, a necessity for a Marylander like myself. The edged-end of the stainless steel turner is just sharp enough to cut through items in the pan, too. It's my favorite spatula because of this feature and is perfect for breaking up ground meat in the pan, like sausage or turkey.

I put a lot of wear and tear on my kitchen utensils (don't ask how many wooden spoons I've gone through!), but after consistently using this and throwing it in the dishwasher almost every day, I can tell you that everything, even the wood handle, looks as pristine as it did on the day it arrived.

The stainless steel slotted blade also makes it easy to check on what's cooking in the pan. It easily lifts up one side of your chicken breast, pancake, or drop biscuits to make sure the bottom is browning nicely.

I'm a sucker for good cooking tools, and when I first ordered this handy stainless steel fish spatula two years ago, I never expected it would be the perfect tool. The slotted turner easily lifts food out of its cooking grease and works just as well grabbing cookies from the baking sheet. This is the best spatula in my kitchen and for less than $5, it can be in your kitchen, too.

This post is not sponsored by Winco. All opinions are the author's own. 

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