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Texas Chef Recreates ZZ Top Album Centerfold in Mouthwatering Fashion

One of Texas’ most celebrated chefs has meticulously recreated one of ZZ Top’s most famous – and mouth-watering – album covers.

The original photo, featured on the rock band’s 1973 LP Tres Hombres, shows a huge Mexican meal catered by Houston’s Leo’s Mexican Restaurant, an eatery that closed it’s doors in 2001.

Tom Micklethwait of Micklethwait Craft Meats took on the challenge of creating an exact replica of the pictured feast. He recorded video that shows the process step-by-step, which quickly went viral. Texas Monthly recently sat down with ZZ Top member Billy Gibbons to get his take on the chef’s internet sensation.

“It’s crazy. Absolutely nuts,” the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist said. “I stand in awe of what he’s accomplished. I have to hand it to him, he recreated every last element that you see in the centerfold with exacting detail.”

“It’s rather remarkable. But what’s most remarkable for me is seeing the preparation and then witnessing the consumption. The whole film? As Matthew Odam in the Statesman so aptly concluded: ‘Hot. Delicious. And righteous.'”

So will the band get a chance to try out some of Micklethwait’s famed cooking? Gibbons sure hopes so.

“I owe him a visit for sure. His accomplishment is significant,” Gibbons said. “Next time I’m through, we should invite half the city of Austin to come with us and sample the Tres Hombres platter. He’d make another, right? Tell him I’m coming.”

Click below to watch Micklethwait’s viral video that shows the process behind creating his Tres Hombres tribute.

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Texas Chef Recreates ZZ Top Album Centerfold in Mouthwatering Fashion