CDC Says Pregnant Women Should Avoid Travel to This Texas City

You may have thought we were out of the woods when it came to Zika virus, but sadly we aren’t. Just in time for Christmas, the CDC has issued a Zika warning to any pregnant women traveling to Brownsville, Texas.

ABC News reports, the CDC warning came following five locally documented cases of Zika in the area. Brownsville was designated as a “yellow” area by the CDC, which means while Zika is present, it’s not yet widespread.

That being said, the CDC suggests that pregnant women should avoid visiting Brownsville, widespread or not. There were four confirmed cases of Zika in the Brownsville area last week, with this first coming in late November.

Brownsville’s first case of Zika virus happened on Nov. 28, to a woman who was not pregnant, but infected two minors. The minors reportedly lived close to the Zika infected woman, in turn infecting them.

Because of the recent influx of cases, Texas health officials and the CDC are beginning to send out disclaimers to those recently visiting Brownsville. Officials have suggested any pregnant women that have been to Brownsville since Oct. 29 seek testing for Zika virus.

So there you have it, it may be Christmas time, but that doesn’t mean a dastardly disease like Zika will take a break. Nothing like a dangerous disease to pull folks right out of the Christmas spirit.

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CDC Says Pregnant Women Should Avoid Travel to This Texas City