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Zendaya Runs to Hospital After Kitchen Injury

Zendaya is an amazing actress, gorgeous model, and all-around awesome person. It seems there's nothing she can't do. Nothing, that is, except for cooking. As it turns out, the former Disney Channel star isn't exactly a whiz when it comes to making delicious meals.

The Euphoria star showed the world exactly why she'll be staying out of the kitchen in the foreseeable future by way of her Instagram Story on July 13. And while Zendaya can handle singing, acting, and being the perfect match for beau Tom Holland, it turns out chopping things up in the kitchen just isn't her style.

In one of three snaps Zendaya shared to Instagram, we see a close-up of the 25-year-old bandaged index finger. It's wrapped in several layers of gauze, and has almost certainly been bleeding - the telltale signs of a newbie wielding a knife in the kitchen. It's easy to slice into hand or finger when preparing produce, which is likely what happened to the Dune heroine.

The index finger injury prompted Zendaya to make a hasty trip to the hospital, from where she provided an update to concerned fans. It turns out she needed stitches for her deep wound, which she showed off a couple of snaps of.

"Baby's first stitches lol," she wrote.

This isn't the first time Zendaya's hurt herself while bustling around in the kitchen. In an interview with Heart, Holland mentioned that every time the singer cooks, she comes "millimeters" away from not just chopping her fingers off, but her hand.

It's not as if Zendaya is a total stranger to the kitchen, though. This injury was definitely an honest mistake. In a 2021 Entertainment Tonight interview, Zendaya and Holland were asked about who would make the better Christmas dinner. Holland suggested it would probably be him, but Zendaya wasn't sure, calling the Spider-Man actor out for the meal's great looks but subpar taste.

"Lamb shanks is quite tough to cook," Holland explained, defending himself. "At least I was brave enough to try. I overcooked it. I used too much red wine so, it was too dark."

Zendaya said the pair would ultimately work together to make the best dinner: "I think we'd do a good job together," she offered. Apparently, the two are quite competitive in the kitchen.

So if the two lovebirds aren't heading out to grab a bite to eat outside of their own kitchens (as spotted in mid-July at Ruby's Cafe in New York City), Holland can always help out when it comes to keeping the pair fed and happy. Teamwork makes the dream work, after all.

For now, Zendaya insists she's "back to never cooking again", which may be for the best. That way her fingers - and the rest of her body - can remain in good shape while she works on her upcoming film Dune 2.

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