Zauo New York

Catch Your Own Dinner at This Unique New York Seafood Restaurant

One thing I love about living so close to New York City is being able to experience all of the amazing restaurants Manhattan has to offer. I've had some of my favorite meals in this wonderful city. One dining experience that sounds pretty interesting is being able to catch your own dinner. That's exactly what's happening at NYC restaurant, Zauo. This Japanese-based fishing restaurant chain has over 20 locations around Japan and a few years ago made its way to the United States.

What is Zauo NYC?

Located in Chelsea at 152 W 24th St, Zauo New York diners on the first and second floors are able to purchase bait and toss a fishing rod into a giant fish tank filled with a variety of live fish. You'll also receive a "fishing license" from Zauo to really get the full effect.

Zauo offers striped bass, salmon, rainbow trout, rockfish, flounder, lobster and other seasonal live fish. Don't worry, if you need help a Zauo employee will be happy to help you catch your preferred type of fish with a net.

Here comes another fun part to this unique dining experience at restaurant Zauo- deciding how you would like your fish prepared. Now, the folks at Zauo will take care of cleaning and cooking your fish, but you'll get to choose from a number of preparations. Options are salt-grilled, simmered in soy sauce, fried in tempura batter, or sashimi style. If you can't pick just one preparation, you can choose half-and-half and enjoy your fresh catch two ways.

Pricing will vary based on the type of live fish you catch as well as the preparation. However, according to Zauo's website, they recommend catching your own dinner since it is cheaper than ordering off of the regular menu.

And if your not into fishing and just interested in the regular dinner menu, no problem! Zauo New York offers a full dinner menu filled with a variety of appetizers, sushi rolls, soups, and other hot dishes. Next time you're in the New York City area, be sure to check out Zauo for an unforgettable dining experience!

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