Zane Williams Makes His Much-Anticipated Opry Debut

The Texas singer-songwriter Zane Williams finally stepped onto the Opry stage after a long and eventful journey.

After years of relentless songwriting, promotion and touring, Texas country singer Zane Williams made his return to Nashville to play one of the most legendary stages in music.

Williams moved to Nashville in 1999 and acquired a publishing deal that lead to one of his songs being cut by Jason Michael Carrol. “Hurry Home” made it to the Billboard top 40 charts, and inspired Williams to move back to his home state of Texas and to take another shot at a solo career.

Five albums and hundreds of tour dates later, Williams now has a large and dedicated fan base that has helped him make it to this pivotal moment in his career.

Williams, who actively interacts with fans through his social media, posted updates throughout the day leading up to his big performance.


It was clear that the day was going to be one that Williams would not forget any time soon.

Williams’ performance follows in the footsteps of fellow Texas country heavyweight and friend Aaron Watson, who also made his Opry debut earlier this month.

You’ll hear more from Williams about his experience at the Opry, his latest album and more in an in-depth interview with Wide Open Country to be posted later this week.

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Zane Williams Makes His Much-Anticipated Opry Debut