Zach Bryan Digging Tesla's New Cybertruck
(Photo by Mindy Small/Getty Images)

Zach Bryan Digging Tesla's New Cybertruck But Are Fans?

It's incredibly easy to take potshots at Elon Musk and his Tesla brand. There's plenty of detractors who scoff at the tech billionaire, how he keeps tampering with Twitter's features and turning it into X. Similarly, people hate Teslas. I get it, they're really ugly cars. Honestly, they still don't compare to the feeling of a gas engine roaring on the highway. Despite all the skepticism, we finally have one of our first big name cosigns from country superstar Zach Bryan.

In a recent video he posted online, Bryan is scoping out the blocky electric truck, looking at his posse to see if they want to give it a test drive. Immediately after, Zach mounts himself behind the steering wheel to whip it around the highway. The boys in the back rile themselves up as the country crooner gains speed, a massive grin on his face. By the end of the brief clip, the review is in. Bryan definitively declares, "This is sick dude. We have to get one of these."

In addition to the accidental commercial they just filmed, the "Pink Skies" singer captions the video with his seal of approval. "I have to buy a cyber truck dude," he says.

Then Zach remarks how he was unsure of the Cybertruck until he finally manned it. "@elonmusk I thought these were gonna be the worst," he jokes.

Zach Bryan and Country Fans Share His Cybertruck Sentiments

It seems like we might be turning a corner on how electric cars are being perceived. When I was checking Zach Bryan's comments to the video, I was expecting a barrage of snarky remarks. Come on, it's electric! It's never going to amount to a triple duly diesel motor that costs a fortune. It's just not the same!

However, I'm pleasantly surprised to inform that there are more Cybertruck truthers out there other than Zach. One user shares a similar experience, "They grew on me, look awesome!!!"

The funniest reply still confirms that it doesn't have all the standards that comes with your prototypical gas truck. One person firmly says, "Needs a lift kit."

Personally, I don't know if I'll ever go electric until I'm forced or they start making prettier rides. The Cybertruck looks like a big ol' lego on wheels, I'm good.