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Song Premiere: Zach Aaron's Lovelorn Two-Stepper 'Hold the Line'


Texas troubadour Zach Aaron sings about unrequited love on the country heartbreaker "Hold the Line," the debut single from Aaron's forthcoming album Fill Dirt Wanted (out May 15).

"See the worries got my mind on the brightest of days," Aaron sings. "Too tired of running/ too scared to stay"

The pure country sound of "Hold the Line" is perfectly suited for shuffling around the hardwood floors of a Texas dancehall.

"This song is about the internal battle of wanting to be with someone you love but your mind can't be happy for whatever reason," Aaron tells Wide Open Country. "Originally, this song was written as a waltz, in 3/4 time. We messed with it some on the porch and found out it felt much better as a two-stepper (the version you hear now). I love the piano solos by Dave Leach...so pretty and understated. It reminds me of the piano work on Red Headed Stranger, one of my favorite Willie records."


To create Fill Dirt Wanted, Aaron worked with a prominent member of the Oklahoma and Texas music community.

"I had an idea of what I wanted my next record to sound like but portraying that idea to musicians that are way better than me has always been hard for me," Aaron says. "So, when Nooch (producer/drummer Giovanni Carnuccio, whose credits include work with Turnpike Troubadours, Parker Millsap, and Jason Eady) approached me about making a record and basically explained the "sound" he thought we should go for, I was immediately on board. I couldn't have explained the 'sound' better myself, like I actually didn't know how to explain it. But what Nooch suggested ended up being what I had been shooting for since I first started thinking about this record."

Listen to "Hold the Line" below.

"This is one of the most honest songs I've ever written," Aaron says. "As a songwriter, that's something I'm very proud of."


Fill Dirt Wanted was recorded at Breathing Rhythm in Norman, Oklahoma with producer Giovanni Carnuccio and engineer Steve Boaz.

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