Zac Brown's Mysterious Side Project Will Have You Dancing in Your 'Sunday Finest'

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Zac Brown announced plans to head back to the studio and back to his roots a few weeks ago. But not before indulging in a mysterious side project dubbed Sir Rosevelt.

Who is Sir Rosevelt? That's what Brown and his pals want you to ask, as the hashtag #WhoIsSirRosevelt pops up over social media.

The band released its first single "Sunday Finest" with absolutely no fanfare. No press, no quotes, nothing. The song is copyrighted under "Pimpinist, LLC" with exclusive rights to Republic Records, so somebody knew about it. Zac Brown Band released their latest record on Republic as well.

The tune sounds like the funkiest bits of 2015's Jekyll + Hyde on steroids. At least in the sense that it blends a whole bunch of influences. Sir Rosevelt's "Sunday Finest" carries an infectious piano groove that eventually explodes into an all-out horn-driven banger.

"Put on your Sunday finest and party like it's Saturday night," Brown implores. Sir Rosevelt blends funk, disco, pop and just a hint of country all into one. You can hear the briefest clip of more music at the equally mysterious Sir Rosevelt website.

The website features what can only be described as three models in a robust dinner scene that adds absolutely no clarity to the mystery. The Facebook page is equally cryptic.

Who are those other voices on "Sunday Finest"? Is it a whole band or just Brown collaborating with other artists? Nobody quite knows yet, but we're eager to find out.

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Zac Brown's Mysterious Side Project Will Have You Dancing in Your 'Sunday Finest'