Zac Brown Sued by Fan Injured at Concert

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A disabled woman is suing Zac Brown for $75,000 after she was crushed by the crowd and sustained a life-changing injury at a recent concert.

According to TMZ, Karen Perry was seated in a designated area for disabled concertgoers at Zac Brown Band‘s performance at Boston’s Fenway Park in August 2015. In her lawsuit, Perry claims that Zac came offstage and near the area to be up close and personal to his fans. This caused a wave of concertgoers to stampede the area surrounding Perry before pushing against the metal gates that stood between the crowd and Brown.

When security guards tried to help the situation by moving the metal gate near Perry, who is legally blind, the gate became lodged in her armpit area. This trauma to her armpit caused an injury that has now made it impossible for her to use her arm, which means Perry can no longer use her cane to assist her in walking independently.

Perry has decided to sue Brown himself and Live Nation Entertainment for not better preparing security and setting up the stage in a way that would support his “known propensity for going into the crowd.” So far, neither party has released a statement in regards to the case.

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Zac Brown Sued by Fan Injured at Concert