Watch Zac Brown and Drake White Expertly Cover John Mellencamp

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Zac Brown and Drake White seem to be getting along great on tour, if this video is any indication. At a recent show in Bethel, N.Y., the pair teamed up for a stellar John Mellencamp cover.

As Brown strummed the famous opening chords to Mellencamp's 1982 hit, "Jack and Diane," the crowd went wild. The wide-grinning White joins Brown in the verses and chorus, even showing his modest dance skills.

When the massive crowd kicks in, it's almost hard to hear the pair's harmonies. But they keep it locked down for the crowd-pleasing sing-along.

"Jack and Diane" is an American classic. Released in the days when John Mellencamp went by "John Cougar," it's one of the most famous songs from the stories singer. And it's an obviously good choice to cover. Zac Brown and his band regularly cover songs from all over the spectrum, including metal.

Drake White and The Big Fire joined Brown on his huge summer tour, which kicked off in May. The "Living The Dream" singer seems to be doing just that, enjoying the increased exposure on the road. Not to mention that single is slowly climbing the chart.

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Unfortunately, they had to cancel all three Texas dates in August, citing scheduling conflicts. But the always busy Brown can never stay away from Texas for too long. The scheduled dates wrap up in September.

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Watch Zac Brown and Drake White Expertly Cover John Mellencamp