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Zac Brown Band Return to Their Roots with New Single 'My Old Man'

Zac Brown Band promised their new record Welcome Home would return to their roots. And if first single "My Old Man" is any indication, they plan on delivering.

The band just released the new track, and it it sounds like vintage Zac Brown. The slow, acoustic ballad pays homage to Brown's father Jim. And while "dad songs" are a staple of country music, not many hit the radio waves lately.

Whether or not "My Old Man" breaks that mold remains to be seen. It's kind of the song you wouldn't expect to make a big splash in a crowded radio world. That's because the tune consists almost entirely of acoustic guitar and strings.

But it's just so darn beautiful and heartfelt that everyone should root for it. In fact, you can but it from iTunes today.

"I'm trying to fill the boots of my old man," Brown sings. The song takes listeners on a journey from childhood all the way to fatherhood. Brown relates how fathers felt like giants when we were younger.

The lyric video, meanwhile, features sentimental pictures of the band members with their dads. You know, the kind of thing people love about country music: honesty.

Zac Brown Band's new album Welcome Home comes out May 12. Dave Cobb produced the effort.

While the band's previous album, Jekyll + Hyde, spawned several hits, including one on the rock chart, the band said they plan on recording songs similar to major label debut The Foundation. Perhaps title Welcome Home signifies that return.

The album marks their fifth major label record, though they've simply partnered with Warner Music Group in conjunction with Brown's own Southern Ground label.

Since 2008's The Foundation, the Zac Brown Band has remained one of the most critically and commercially successful country acts in the world. The band earned 55 major award nominations, including eight Grammy's — of which they won three.

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