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Yurts: The Newest Trend in the Tiny House Movement

We've seen houses in caves, houses on wheels and houses made out of shipping containers. But have you ever thought of living inside of an insulated tent? Behold the sweet simplicity of the yurt.

Flickr/Bernd Thaller

You may have run across a rudimentary yurt while you were out skiing or hiking in the mountains. But these dwellings can become fully fledged domiciles with a few simple additions. It all starts with a basic accordion lattice frame. The frame is then covered with a conical roof and thick, insulating material to keep moisture and cold out.

Flickr/Ratha Grimes

These circular shelters were originally designed by Central Asian nomads to keep the elements at bay. They still utilize these shelters today.

Yurts can be dismantled and reassembled with relative ease for the more nomadically inclined. The circular shape also helps to regulate heat and keep the space feeling cozy.

You can spend anywhere between $4,000 and $30,000 to have one of your own. Companies even make kits so that you can assemble this festive space yourself.


One college student decided to build his own yurt to avoid debt. His little slice of home sits on the corner of a pasture in British Columbia and he only pays $150 a month for the space.

Country Living/Sam Rose Phillips

Still other thrifty homeowners have created fantasy spaces inside of their yurts. Ski chalet anyone?

Flickr/Virginia State Parks

This couple decided to create a cozy library and study in their yurt. They even installed hardwood floors for a modern, crisp finish.


Yurts don't have to be masculine forts either. Check out this brilliantly pink pad:

Flickr/Alistair Rae

Or this nautically-inspired master bedroom:

Flickr/Scott cutler

A little wood stove, vanity and large bed make for a snug winter retreat:

Flickr/Anissa Wood

One or two people can comfortably fit a kitchenette, bed and dining area into the round embrace of a yurt:

Flickr/Becky Stern

These might be one of the fastest to build and most versatile dwellings of the tiny house movement to date.

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Yurts: The Newest Trend in the Tiny House Movement