You've Been Cutting Apples Wrong You're Entire Life [WATCH]

Save time - and your fingers - with these five easy apple hacks.

Fruit is one of the easiest and best snacks that you can enjoy. They are great for packed lunches, but if you want to slice them before they get packed away, you're usually left with a not-so-pleasant browned version of your apple in a few hours time.

Thanks to this video by Grant "The King of Random" Thompson, that has all changed. He demonstrates an incredibly easy and time saving way to not only slice your apple, but also how to keep your apple fresh and easy to transport after slicing. Thompson even clocks the amount of time it takes to slice the apple with his method and the traditional style of cutting. Which one is quicker? You'll have to watch for yourself.

Overall, these tips are great for anyone on the go or parents who want to make sure their kids get healthy fruits added to their school lunches. Plus, the magic of a pre-sliced apple that still tastes great is something that just may impress your child's friends at the lunch table. No matter what, if you're an apple lover, these five simple apple hacks are entertaining to watch and great tips to keep in mind.

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You've Been Cutting Apples Wrong You're Entire Life [WATCH]