Charismatic Texan Makes a Solid Case for Texas Country at Grammys

Screengrab via YouTube

You may recognize Chad Prather as the quick-worded YouTube cowboy who became an internet sensation after posting a video addressing insults about his southern accent.

Prather has just shared another thought-provoking video that was inspired by the 2016 Grammy Awards, which were held earlier this week. The charismatic Texan explains his frustration with the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ lack of representation from his home state. Instead of focusing on the same artists that dominate the mainstream, Prather asks the committee to consider honoring the regularly overlooked talents that hail from the Lone Star state.

To further prove his point, Prather lists off 68 different Red Dirt and Texas country artists that he believes are worthy of a Grammy nomination. So who made his list? Cody JinksStoney LaRueTurnpike TroubadoursJason Boland and Granger Smith are just a few of the artists the YouTube star argues have been overlooked by the Grammys.

Although I doubt the Grammys will rush to add a new category that represents deserving Texas country artists any time soon, Prather’s efforts to showcase some of country’s most underrated talents should be applauded.

Click below to see Chad Prather’s plea to bring Texas country to the Grammy awards.

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Charismatic Texan Makes a Solid Case for Texas Country at Grammys