This Non-Profit Drives Austin Cancer Patients to Treatments in Exotic Cars


Can you imagine having cancer and not knowing how you're going to get to and from your treatments? Well, an Austin, Texas non-profit organization is trying to help eliminate that stress completely. Your Ride Is Here is stepping up to drive patients to their appointments in style with exotic cars.

"Our goal is to help patients focus on recovery by eliminating the anxiety and stress associated with getting to their appointments," the organization explains.

Your Ride Is Here is operated solely on donations from individuals and companies, and the drivers are all local volunteers.

The organization's "Care Ride" program matches volunteer drivers and cancer patients. Not only is the volunteer there to provide a service, but they also serve as a support system. Plus, taking a ride in your dream car is definitely a mood-booster.

This service has truly changed people's lives. People who would have otherwise had to ride a bus or take a taxi, now have a reliable and comfortable way to travel to their appointments.

Your Ride Is Here also serves the Austin community in other ways. They drive luxury cars to schools, where they talk to students about having determination and being charitable.

Simply fill out the Volunteer Registration to become a volunteer driver. Then, you'll immediately be matched with a patient in your area.

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This Non-Profit Drives Austin Cancer Patients to Treatments in Exotic Cars