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Your Precious Moments Figurines Could be Worth More Than You Think

Perhaps you bought a Precious Moments figurine to celebrate a wedding or a special Christmas with the family. Or perhaps you gave a special figure to each of your children for their birthday after a visit to the gift shop. With a price point of $20-$40, these Precious Moments Figurines were never usually bought for their dollar value, but instead as decor on a bookshelf or fireplace mantle.

However, it's time to check the porcelain figurine that's been collecting dust on the bottom shelf, some limited edition Precious Moments collectibles are worth the big bucks according to Paul Burton, spokesperson for Woolvey Fine Antiques & Collectibles. One figurine, the "God Loveth a Cheerful Giver" has a value of over $2,000. "I don't believe I have seen one actually sell for more than half of that, although they are still occasionally listed for sale in that price range," Burton told to TODAY

The 1979 figurine is probably the most valuable in the collection according to Burton, however many different figurines are going for high prices on Ebay.

The company first started in the 1970s by Samuel J. Butcher and partner Bill Biel as an American catalog order company that sold giftware. Sam started drawing the characteristic tear-drop children to produce as greeting cards and posters. One day in 1978 Enesco Corporation reached out to Sam to produce a 3-d figure based on his drawings. Overjoyed with the outcome, Sam Butcher got to work and by the end of that year, the "original 21" figurines had been born. Today the company partners with brands like Disney and Care Bears to incorporate both parties into the figurines. 

Making great engagements gifts (as well as birthday gifts and wedding gifts) Precious Moments porcelain figurines have turned into a collecting phenomenon, including an amusement park in Missouri and even cruises that cater to collectors.

Right now one seller is selling a Precious Moments Porcelain Unpainted figurine, Isn't He Precious Limited 3 pcs, for an asking price of $3,450 if that gives you an idea of how much these collectibles can go for.


Another is selling a Disney Precious Moments Magically Ever After Wedding Mickey and Minnie still in the box. There are only 1000 of the figurines made, setting the price point at $255 for what could be a wedding topper.

Check out this list of the most valuable figurines and see if you own any of these; if you do, would you sell them?

  • 1978 God Loveth a Cheerful Giver
  • We Would See Jesus
  • Making Music Together for 30 Years
  • Get Your Kicks on Route 66
  • Come Let Us Adore Him
  • Lighted Inn
  • Celebrating the Gift of Life Now and Forever

This article was originally posted on June 20, 2018 

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