Your Coin Collection Could Be Worth Much More Than You Think

Since the invention of the credit and debit card, more and more of us are throwing change by the wayside. Why pack around a bag of heavy nickels and dimes when you can just take a few bills and a piece of plastic?

If you've been smart enough to save all those unused coins in a jar or cup somewhere, you may be in luck. Some of those forgotten quarters may be worth much more than you think. Take the case of a 1913 nickel which disappeared after it's owner, coin collector George O. Walton, died in a fiery wreck along with his coveted collection.

Many assumed that the rare coin was destroyed in the crash, but it was actually recovered by Walton's family. Now, that unremarkable coin is worth over $3 million. Although your chances of finding a million dollar coin in your change purse is pretty rare, you might be surprised how many coins are worth much more than their face value.

If you have a 2004 Wisconsin state quarter with a distinct second line across the front leaf, that coin could be worth up to $300! Coins that have special markings from faulty coin presses, special edition coins and half-dollars are the most likely to be worth a pretty penny. If you want to find out how much your old coins or worth, check out this website for comparisons and estimates. Happy hunting!

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Your Coin Collection Could Be Worth Much More Than You Think