This Young Rodeo Star Has Captured the Hearts of Thousands

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At every rodeo, there are dozens if not hundreds of competitors. Unfortunately, this means there will be many more losers at the end of the rodeo than there are winners. Losing can take a lot out of a person, especially when you are young and just getting started in the rodeo business.

But, Pecos Tatum is not one to let losing keep him down. Instead, the young rodeo star turns his focus from a loss to the next big adventure he and his family will be a part of. He knows success at the next rodeo requires him to put his losses to the side and focus on his bright future.

Having this mindset is paying off for young Pecos. Currently, he is in the top three in the standings and ranks first all-around. Part of the reason, Pecos is so successful is because of the complete support of his family. Not only do they attend each event, but they help him work hard to achieve his best.

You can check his hard work out in this video.


Probably what sets this young man apart from the other young cowboys in his generation is his heart. Pecos is constantly looking for ways to become better and faster at the things he does, and he truly loves being a cowboy.

His young heart is taking him places where he can become everything he is striving to become. There's nothing compared to his dedication and work ethic. He's the kind of cowboy we all want to give our hearts to.

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This Young Rodeo Star Has Captured the Hearts of Thousands