You'll Never Believe How This Cat Rides a Horse

The very special bond between Champy the horse and Morris the cat has quickly made this unlikely duo into viral video stars.

When two animals are brought up together on a farm, they tend to form a special relationship with each other. The Internet has brought us some fabulous relationships already, viral videos  that showcase unlikely friendships between dogs and deer, goats and chickens and even cows and cats.

The story between Champy and Morris goes a little like this: The pair grew up together on an expansive Australian farm, with the the two becoming ever closer after Champy's foal passed away. As you can see in the video, Champy is at a lower weight than most healthy horses due to the traumatic experience she endured.

One thing led to another, and nowadays big fans of Champy & Morris can even buy a set of throw pillows featuring their likeness. Ain't that adorable.

Thankfully, Morris is there to keep her company and bring her some much needed joy. The charismatic black cat makes himself a perch on Champy's backend and holds on as she trots around the field. Most horses would likely throw off an animal if it tried to climb on its back. For Champy, having Morris so close by seems to give her a sense of comfort that only a close friend could provide.

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You'll Never Believe How This Cat Rides a Horse