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How to Make Alligator Meat Taste Absolutely Delicious

Valerie Hinojosa

If you've ever wondered how to cook alligator but didn't know where to begin, this is for you.

Florida-based YouTube stars Robert Arrington and his wife Sarah will teach you how to properly prepare, grill and fry an alligator tail. Instructions on how to actually kill the alligator aren't included.

Curious about what it tastes like? "I always say gator tail is like a mix between frog legs and chicke," Robert says. "It's mild, but it's got its own unique flavor."

The finished product looks like it tastes amazing, and it's all because of the marinate he prepares with it.

An entire stick of butter fried in a pan with some garlic is all you need to coat the gator tail in flavoring before you add some salt and pepper and onions, and then take it to the grill for the grand finale. You'll want to cook it medium to medium well for the best flavoring, Robert says.

Don't hunt? No worries. You can order gator meat online. Photo:Valerie Hinojosa

If you want to fry it, just repeat the same steps, but instead of grilling it, season the cooking oil in the pan with some onions and have fun.

Robert's recipe pleased his fans at the end of the video, too.

One of his hunting buddies proclaims, "I'm from Eastern Oregon, and anybody that don't like that is communist. It has kind of a chicken taste, but it's not, but it's so good."

And as a Tennessee fan, this especially warms my heart.

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How to Make Alligator Meat Taste Absolutely Delicious