You’ll “Heart” This Fun and Easy Egg Hack

This cute and simple way to make heart-shaped eggs is sure to impress your friends.

Trying to dress up a predictable dish can be complicated and time consuming. Usually, these adornments are created with brightly colored fruits or vegetables that are molded into designs or shapes. This usually takes a bit of skill and practice and isn’t something a lot of people want to invest time in. Thanks to this awesomely easy food hack, you can transform a simple hard boiled egg into a cute and fun garnish or snack.

In this YouTube video, Gina Morano shows you in five simple steps how to make an adorable and simple heart shaped egg. They are the perfect for dressing up deviled eggs for a party, or as a garnish for a salad or main dish. The best part of this egg hack is that it’s incredibly easy and isn’t time consuming – but you don’t have to tell your friends that.

All you need to get started are some eggs, a rectangular piece of cardboard, a coffee stirrer or small stick, and two rubber bands. With these items and about an hour of prep time, you’ll be able to show off your adorable new creations.  Watch the video above to see the full tutorial on how to create these heart shaped eggs for yourself.

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You’ll “Heart” This Fun and Easy Egg Hack