You'll Fall in Love With These Adorable Truffle-Hunting Dogs

A farm in Tennessee is breeding some of the cutest and most talented dogs around.

Blackberry Farm, located in the heart of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, is known as one of the best resorts in the country. Aside from its incredible scenery, food and accommodations, the farm has a very special

The farm's kennel raises Lagotto Romagnolo dogs, a rare breed that originates from Piedmont, Italy - one of the biggest truffle-farming areas in the world. The dogs have been bred to sniff out truffles, an ability that few dogs have.

"If ever there was a labor of love this is it," Blackberry Farm dog trainer Jim Sanford told Country Living. "I'm a very lucky person because I've always wanted to only train animals. To me, this is just fascinating."

Visitors adore the pups, and may even adopt one of farm's dogs for the price of $8,500. There's currently a two-year waiting list for guests who want to snatch up one of these adorable hunters.

"Pretty much every guest on the property will come down to the kennel and find the cute puppies," Sanford says. Before the guest receives the pup, they are trained to obey a range of orders, walk on a leash and relieve themselves outside.

Blackberry Farm
Blackberry Farm

Although they come with a big price tag, it's easy to see why these little guys are so popular.

You can find out more information about the Lagotto Romagnolo puppies at Blackberry Farm.

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You'll Fall in Love With These Adorable Truffle-Hunting Dogs