Retiring Police Officer's Elevator Dance Goes Viral

For many of us, the mere idea of being able to happily retire is enough to bring a smile to our face. When that dream became a reality for Deputy Tony Scherb of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, it was enough to make him drop everything and dance his heart out.

After 29 years on the job, Scherb and his colleagues wanted to make sure he went out with a bang. One of his fellow deputies set up a camera inside the office elevator, and told the new retiree to cut loose. With Silentó's viral hit "Watch Me" as his soundtrack, Scherb busts out every move you can think of, from the Nae Nae to the Stanky Leg.

Things get a little awkward when some of his fellow deputies and higher-ranking colleagues hitch a ride on Scherb's elevator-turned-dancefloor. As you'd expect, it only takes a few minutes for his friends to toss out the status quo and join in on the fun. If only every workday was as fun as this one!

Click below to see this sheriff show off a few moves and celebrate his retirement in this hilarious viral video:

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Retiring Police Officer's Elevator Dance Goes Viral