Brett Eldredge Got an Unwelcome Early Morning Bathroom Surprise

Brett Eldredge woke up Wednesday morning to find an unexpected visitor in his bathroom.

"I was going to take a leak to start the day, that's how you start the day," Eldredge said in an Instagram post.

But instead of taking a leak the "Wanna Be That Song" singer discovered a snake slithering out of his toilet.

He documented the startling encounter on Instagram, captioning his video, "Before ya go to the bathroom... DONT [sic] FORGET TO LOOK DOWN."

Eldredge and his friend carefully slid the snake onto a stick and sent him back home to the great outdoors.

Hopefully, he doesn't encounter any more snakes when he's out on the road in a few weeks with Luke Bryan for the Kill The Lights Tour. You can find tour dates and ticket information here.

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