Photographer Creates Touching Portrait for Grieving Texas Couple

A creative photographer has given a Texas couple a gift they’ll never forget.

Laura and Tony McBride desperately wanted a photo to represent their family, including their three children who died at birth. Laura recently stumbled upon an article about photographer Brandy Angel, who created a portrait for an Atlanta woman who lost her son to cancer. By using digital editing techniques, Brandy was able to make it appear as though her son was beside her during her wedding.

McBride quickly contacted Angel, who revealed she already had plans to be in Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday.

“I knew God had led her to me,” McBride said, according to Fox5. “Talk about God working in mysterious ways.”

After a short photo shoot and some professional editing from New Jersey web designer Heather Pinheiro, the McBrides were given their new family photo, completely free of charge.

“What you see is our family. Me, Tony, our two sons, Christopher and Tyler, and our baby girl, Kieran Shane. This picture shows that although not here physically, I believe they are with us every day,” McBride said.

Although their children may be gone physically, Laura says that the photo is a true representation of their family.

“I am proud to share this photo, but this right here, is my life,” she explained. “Different from most, but what I carry with me every minute of every day. Brandy would never ask for public acknowledgement, but what a gift she gives to those of us who long for such a family photo.”

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Photographer Creates Touching Portrait for Grieving Texas Couple