Smores Fireball Shots

You Need These Smores Fireball Shots at Your Next Bonfire

What does everyone love to have on a camping trip? Smores, of course. Well, it's safe to say that your next bonfire is going to take your weekend plans to the next level when it comes to your smores and alcohol. Why not combine the two? 

Thanks to this S'mores Fireball Shots recipe from Delish, you now can. These will definitely be the new party shots or party drinks for the holiday season. Sorry jello shots, there's a new star for this year's Christmas party.

The perfect combination of marshmallow goodness, cinnamon whiskey and chocolate, these tasty treats are sure to be a crowd-pleaser at your next gathering. Plus, the holiday recipe is super easy (and doesn't require any foraging for roasting sticks!). 

Here are the necessary ingredients for this cocktail recipe. 

-Fireball Whisky

-Chocolate Liqueur (add some Bailey's Irish Cream or Kahlua if you're feeling crazy)

-Vanilla Schnapps

-Marshmallow Fluff

-Graham Cracker Crumbs

First step in the drink recipe is to dip the top of your shot glass in the creme deliciousness that is marshmallow fluff and make sure that the rim is coated completely. Then, place the top of your shot glass into a pile of crushed graham crackers so that the cracker crumbs adhere to the rim. The next step is mixing and adding the actual drink. Fill your shot glasses with equal parts chocolate liqueur and vanilla schnapps and Fireball whiskey.

The result is a yummy drink with a deliciously sweet dose of chocolatey goodness that is sure melt your insides and leave everybody wanting s'more. These fun drinks are way easier than a jello shot recipe! You could even turn this into a full sized holiday drink and throw in some eggnog if you wanted to.

For a visual example of how to make these dessert drinks, watch the video below.