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You Have to Try These Stuffed Donut Burgers

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Everyone loves a good juicy hamburger. Although you've probably grilled up your own at least a time or two, you've probably never done it quite like this.

The BBQ Pit Boys have managed to evolve our beloved burger to the next level by making donut-shaped patties and stuffing them with delicious ingredients. Although it may seem difficult to recreate at first glance, the process is actually very simple.

While you're waiting for your grill to heat up, begin making extra large hamburger patties by patting them to size with your hands. Then, place them on a flat, clean surface before grabbing a wide-rimmed glass. Simply press the glass down into the middle of the patty to take out its center, which will leave you with a perfect donut-shaped burger.

Once you let them cook on the grill for a few minutes, you can go ahead and stuff them with whatever your heart desires. You can fill them with an array of cheeses, peppers and onions or you can really spice things up by cooking an egg in the middle. The sky is the limit when creating these hearty burgers, so don't be afraid to go all out.

Click below to learn how to make these incredible donut-style burgers for yourself.

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You Have to Try These Stuffed Donut Burgers