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You Don't Want to Miss This Florida Swimming Hole

43 years ago, a man named Bob Hawkins bought a 43-acre piece of property on the Suwannee River in Florida. Hawkins transformed the property into an amazing water park. Now locals and visitors alike flock to Bob's River Place every year.

The dream started simple. Bob only wanted to give his kids a taste of the water hole he loved as a kid in Carolina. So, he built a house and added a tree house and tire swing over the water. It didn't take long before the neighbor kids started enjoying the space too.

Soon, Bob and his friends started adding a huge array of items. Slides, docks, floating toys, swings, ropes and all sorts of fun water contraptions hit the water. As the park grew, so did the fans who showed up to enjoy it.

There are even some entertainment options for those who want to get out of the water for a bit. For example, Bob added a karaoke stage, and there are also floating docks for sunbathers. Picnic tables and a pavilion are also available for visitors to use. But, of course, the most popular attractions are those in the water.

One of the most recent additions is the Jumping Jack Splash Platform, which is about 20 feet above the water. There is also a waterfall, a couple of rafts, a log roll and even a water volleyball court. If you prefer to be out of the water for volleyball, there's a dry court as well.

Take a look at this video to get a closer look at the park and the attractions it offers.

Today, Bob charges $25 for a carload of six and $5 a head after that. During the summer, you can find somewhere around 150 people swimming in the water. He keeps the swimming hole open daily from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and rarely has trouble with his guests. Locals and parents are always around to keep an eye on things for him.

Since he's been open now for 40 years, Bob now sees generations of families enjoying his property. Some of his visitors even come back the next day for a second visit. The swimming hole is simple, but it still has that extra special swimming hole feel that everyone loves. If you are ever in the area, this is definitely a swimming hole you will want to visit.

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