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You Can Now Sip Moonshine From a Can


Moonshine connoisseurs can now enjoy a sip of “white lightning” out of a classy new container.

For decades, Americans secretly brewed the illegal corn-based alcohol in small batches that were usually stored in large glass jugs. In 2010, the first legal moonshine distillery opened in Tennessee, sparking a new interest in upscale versions of the controversial liquor across the country.

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Now, the drink has once again gotten a facelift thanks to Stillhouse Original Moonshine, which is selling its flavored whiskeys in vintage-inspired stainless steel cans. According to MarketWatch, the unique packaging choice was selected to cause a stir within the industry. There’s also a practicality to the design, as the choice of steel eliminates any risk of cracking the bottle.

The company has also slightly lowered the beverages’ price point and upped the alcoholic content levels. The brand’s flavored versions, which include Peach Tea and Apple Crisp, rank between 40 to 69 proof, while the classic unflavored moonshine is still sold at a whopping 80 proof.

Moonshine fans have been collectively freaking out about this trendy new packaging, causing Stillhouse to run out of its first production run in record time. If you’re lucky enough to find it at your local liquor store, a bottle with cost you around $30. Don’t drink it all at once – you’ll thank me later.

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You Can Now Sip Moonshine From a Can