Fireball Whisky in a Box is the Only Party Gift You'll Ever Need

Alert the press: You can now buy Fireball in a box! It sounds like the song got it all wrong - that Fireball Whisky actually whispers, "Put me into a bag." True to the real spelling of whisky, they don't put the 'e' in whisky over at Fireball Cinnamon Whisky because in Canada, they abide by the European spelling. After all, it is Canadian whisky.

The concept is simple, and it's one you've experienced before. When white wine is put into a bag, it's more fun. When beer is put into a bag, something weird is going on, but we bet it's probably still fun. It's about time that we start seeing our favorite, easy-to-knock-back liquors put into plastic bags and sealed with a nozzle. Fireball is at the forefront of this incredibly important movement.

It's a Party With Fireball Whisky in a Box 

We know you know this, but Fireball is a cinnamon whisky (cinnamon whiskey). Cinnamon is easily incorporated into holiday cocktails, and this heavy cinnamon whisky is easily incorporated into your body via the Fireball Firebox - Fireball's incredibly clever name for this box of Fireball whiskey.

You might never pick up boxed wine again at the liquor store when you try this Cinnamon Whisky Firebox, so it's time to push your pinot grigio and sauvignon blanc boxes aside for those parties on the calendar. The best part about this box is that you can easily spike your apple cider with Fireball using the handy spigot for the ultimate party convenience.

Like Franzia, the box houses the bag and the bag houses the fun. Within each Firebox are two 1.75-liter pouches of (cinnamon) liquid gold. There are two nozzles on the box, making sharing some swigs super simple. Plus, with the two reservoirs, swapping spit won't be an issue until after you put the Firebox down. You might never pick up Jim Beam again, and this would make the perfect gift for your rowdier holiday events.

Regarding price, the Firebox will run you around $50 for 55-odd shots. We're not convinced that Fireball can actually make you drunk, but 55 shots of anything should do the trick, right?

Oh, and remember this trend? You can read more about it here.

Just imagine that with a two-spout Firebox. Pretty cool, no? We'll catch you on the opposite end of the Firebox, where it burns like heaven and tastes like hell.

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